JCE STRUCTURAL ENGINEERING GROUP, INC. tailors its analysis approach to meet the specific objectives of each client, utilizing from simple to advanced engineering concepts in the design of projects according to their complexities. Some of the advanced engineering concepts mastered by our staff are: finite element method, response spectrum method, non-linear dynamic analysis, short duration dynamic loads and others. Our staff is also well versed in seismic, wind and blast design as well as more conventional design. We have available a wide range of computer programs with 2D and 3D modeling capabilities for analysis such as: Risa 2D, Risa 3D, Ramsteel/Ram Frame, ETABS-Plus, SAP 2000-Plus, RAM perform 2D&3D among others. Among our blast design software, we have: BLAST/FX, CONWEP, FACEDAP & others. Simple interactive programs for design such as: PCA-Col, Risa-Foot, Risa-Base, Enercalc, and Conxprt are also available.